Birthday Celebration, Day 4

The Birthday Girl
I cannot believe I forgot to post an embarrassing picture for my sister Carol's 55th birthday (sorry Nic!), which was Friday. But, when you think about, it her birthday celebration has been going on for several days, so Day 4 seems like a fine time to make amends. Let's recap:

  • Friday, January 10 (Day 1) - Carol and Paul come to Rochester for a weekend of birthday celebrations, beginning with dinner at Donnelly's in Fairport on Friday night.
  • Saturday, January 11 (Day 2) - Prime rib dinner at our house (For which I made a homemade chocolate cake which, when executed correctly, can rival even the Wegman's Ultimate Chocolate Cake. Unfortunately, something went very, very wrong and the cake didn't rise. I pinch-hitted with Brownie sundaes at the last minute.)
  • Sunday, January 12 (Day 3) - Turkey dinner at Nic and Patrick's apartment
  • Monday, January 13 (Day 4) - Appropriately mortifying old  picture on the B@ker Blog 
That should help usher in a great year for my MUCH OLDER SISTER. Safe travels back to the North Country today!
And I found this gem along the way


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