Back to School - Spring 2014

Today we took Annalisse back to school for her J(anuary)Term, which is a three-week session where she takes one course for four days a week/three hours a day. She is taking Western Literature, for which she had to purchase two huge volumes of Norton Anthology of Western Literature, and Macbeth. She is definitely not looking forward to it, but what can you do? At least it's just one course demanding her time, even though it will be ton of reading (and writing). I think she was excited to get back to see her "new" roommate, Brittany, a good friend who she had the opportunity to room with late last semester when Brittany's roommate moved out. She was very happy about that as they seem to have similar dispositions and lite sense of humor.

The kids had a great fall semester (Cam ended up with a 3.3 and Annalisse with a 3.125), so I'm hoping they can keep up the momentum for the spring semester which includes increasingly challenging courses for both.

Time at home for the holiday also included Annalisse applying for transfer to several colleges for the fall term. Regrettably, she has decided to transfer to a school which offers a nutrition major. With all the dietary issues she has had over the last several years she has become increasing interested in nutrition, and unfortunately Mercyhurst does not have the program. I'm disappointed because I really like the school, and while she does like it and has made some great friends I get the sense she feels it's too small. As a result, we visited Syracuse University over the break, and she also applied to SUNY Plattsburgh, Buffalo State College, and ironically, RIT. There are actually not a lot of upstate/central/western NY colleges that offer the major, and she didn't want to go toooooo far. We will have to see how it goes...I have some concerns about the academic rigor and attention she would receive (if needed) at such large schools. Just when we thought things were all settled, we are on the college search bandwagon again! We will visit Plattsburgh, Buff State and RIT during break if she is accepted to them.

So, we are as ready as we'll ever be to face the new year. It's back to work for me and Mark tomorrow after almost two weeks of no structure, and for me, sweatpants and hanging around. Cam is home for another two weeks or so then he will head back to train with the crew team before stating classes the last week in January. Luckily, he's got a research job for 20 hours a week that he can do from home until he goes back.

It's super hard to realize how fast this holiday went, and rather than lament having to jump back into the routine, I guess I'd better remember how lucky I am to have been able to take the time off (and get paid). Bring it, 2014!!


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