The Day After

The office of terror
I made it! I'm 50 + 1 day! Whew.

My 50th turned out to be a fabulous day from start to finish. It started with texts from both kids (I know, I know, but you have to take what you can get), and upon entering my office I was greeted with streamers and tons of balloons courtesy of my industrious coworkers. Now you all know how I feel about balloons, right? Well, my coworkers didn't know about my balloon phobia until too late, and I lived in fear all day of one bursting. But they looked so pretty and festive, all was forgiven quickly!

We celebrated first with a yummy bagel breakfast (I'm not a fan of birthday cake so I like to do bagels for my big day), then our "lunch bunch" went out to Black and Blue for lunch. I left a little early to spend time with pup before we headed out for my "drop in happy hour" at the Blue Cactus in Fairport.

It was tons of fun! A bunch of folks came out to celebrate with me and the two "generous" mojitos really hit the spot. I'm so glad I gave in and decided to celebrate my birthday. My friends and family made it truly memorable! I'm feeling the love!

Just a few of the merrimakers:

Wendy, Ken, Lena and J
Theresa, J, Carol and Paul
Anne, J, Steve, Julie and Judy


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