And just like that, it's fall

An antique shot of the
Statue of Liberty
that I found with the
old pictures my sister sent me.
Ironically I've still not yet
seen Lady Liberty in person -
only from planes. :(
October is funny. Not ha-ha funny. Just weird, you know?

We've had beautiful warm, almost spring-like weather all month, then BAM!, windy, cold, dark. As a general rule of thumb it seems that you can pretty much plan outdoor activities until October 15, then forget it. This year was no exception. When I get home from work off the work clothes come and on go the sweatpants. The silver lining: my neighbors can't see me walking pup in my stripped-down attire since it's so dark by the time we head out for our nightly stroll.

Looking to the rest of the week: Mark and I are heading out tomorrow for a long weekend in NYC where I'll attend the NAGAP board meeting from Friday afternoon through Saturday (maybe Sunday, also? I'd better check the schedule...), with a leisurely tourist day planned on Thursday and part of Friday. I'm really looking forward to tons of walking and good food, and of course spending time with my awesome friends from NAGAP. A nice little break to wrap up the season of Libra, wouldn't you agree?


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