Libra Girls

Meg, JoAnn and Judy
Last night was my 22nd Libra Dinner with my pals JoAnn and Meg. I'm pretty sure I've written about our dinners before as it's one of those yearly markers that seem to come so fast. This year for updates, JoAnn is a grandmother, Meg's two oldest kids just got an apartment together and I have two kids in college. I always like to remind JoAnn that she first met me when I was 21, and now I am turning ?0. We always give each other goofy little gifts and generally just enjoy the company. And have a glass of wine to toaster another year, of course! We were also able to bring our waiter in on the celebration since his birthday is October 12 (same day as Aunt Mary/Mim Mim's - there are soooo many Libras in our family). Remarkably, though, he didn't think being a Libra was that big a deal. I think he's been hanging with the wrong crowd.

Today, I picked Annalisse up at school for her date with Blake to see Theresa Caputo ("The Long Island Medium") in Rochester tonight, which is her birthday present. Then, tomorrow the 18th birthday celebration begins. I CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABY WILL BE 18. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!


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