Painting in the Rain, Just Painting in the Rain

Our main house projects are winding down with the painters diligently trying to get the house done despite dealing with buckets and buckets of rain just about every day. I think they were hoping to be done today, but that's not going to happen as it is raining once again. Yesterday was terrible with severe afternoon thunderstorms and flooding everywhere. The flooding and water levels are getting a little scary now, and the forecast on my iPhone shows rain straight through early next week.

This will surely go down as another summer that wasn't. That, as you know, will make for a very long winter. I can't let my mind go there now...I will become too depressed if I do.

I'm so excited to post house pictures. It is coming along so great and I'm hoping, with all this crazy weather, that after the painters are down the construction guys will get back here quickly to finish the sealing/varnishing of the porch decking and painting of the steps. It's a race to get it all done by the big party on July 20, but I think it's doable and it would be great if the sun would come out for a day or two (or three) so we can actually get things done, including yardwork and weeding.

Check back!


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