10 Years

My dad has been gone 10 years ago today. Time seems to go so much faster now that we are older, and the past 10 years went sooooo fast - it seems like yesterday. Back then, the kids lost all three grandfathers within three years: first was Grandpa Charlie in 2001, then my dad in 2003, then Daniel/Gung Gung in the summer of 2004 (I think it was). Lots of love lost. I'm sure all three men would have been super proud of their kids and grandkids. Add to that the loss of our beloved Uncles Joe and Duff - what a time they must be having in Heaven! I'm sure they are just waiting for all those women to join them ~ enjoy your time now, boys!  :)

But, time marches on with the promise we will all be together again someday.


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