The Bonnie Lass Returns

That girl loves to shop.
Last night our little traveler returned from her week in Ireland, right on time at 6:15pm. Exhausted? Yes. Cranky? Not really but there was real potential there. After filling us in on the ride home and looking on her camera viewfinder at the hundreds of pictures she took, it was into the shower and to bed. She woke up at 3am this this morning, a victim of jet lag, and I expect she'll have a rough week of adjustment. Eve's family was wonderful to her, and she really enjoyed chatting with Eve's mom, a homeopathic doctor, about her digestive issues.

Highlights of her trip included visits to:
  • A visit to Trinity College and Christ Church, Dublin
  • Christchurch Cathedral at Christchurch Place
  • Cliffs of Moher, County Clare
  • Cork Cinty and Blarney Castle (Yes, she kissed the Blarney Stone; she said it tasted like soap.)
  • Queenstown Story at the Cobh Heritage, Center Charles 
  • Fort at Kinsale
The kids also spent several days attending school with the Irish kids.

Now, we are back to reality for the homestretch of her senior year. Keeping her focused is really proving to be a challenge!


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