Adios Short, Long February

I am so glad to say goodbye to February. I was sick for most of the month, and just plain sick of cold, dark days. With the way I've been feeling lately it's hard to believe that I'll ever feel happy and cheerful again, but somehow I always do. Boring routines, chill, slush, burn out, and no vacation in sight makes for a very down and out Judy.

On the bright side (see?!), Annalisse got tuition exchange from another school, Lycoming College, which was not a real contender for her, but thrilling nonetheless. Today we mailed all her "declines" to let the schools know she wouldn't be attending, and tomorrow we are mailing her enrollment deposit to Mercyhurst. That page is turning and now we start on the earnest path toward the end of her senior year and getting ready for college.

Speaking of college, Cam has been home for a week-and-a-half for his mid-winter break (and not doing much, I might add). He did ok this quarter ending up with four "Bs" and -- wait for it -- one "D," in Discreet Math. Arrrgghhh. So close. He's taking the math course again in the spring quarter so hopefully he'll be more successful this round. He'll have a very heavy course load so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good end to his second year. I do have to give him a lot of credit for doing mostly okay in a really difficult curriculum.

That's all the news as February wraps up. Another positive: in 10 days we "spring forward." Just call me the eternal optimist.


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