Sick of Being Sick

What a hellish week it's been. After Annalisse had her little 24 hour stomach bug last weekend and Mark spent the whole weekend sneezing and coughing all over everyone, by Tuesday afternoon the chills and achyness had settled all over me. By 1pm I couldn't take it anymore and went home, leaving the evening chores to my trusty daughter (since Mark is on the road). Wednesday I woke up not feeling much better, but by Thursday I felt like the worst of it was over. That is, until I started sneezing in the afternoon and whatever flu bug I had weathered transitioned into a crazy cold. Although I went to work,  I was still not feeling super great on Friday, and got progressively worse throughout the day. Today, I felt downright terrible, so have been mostly laying low all day EXCEPT FOR

Seeing Annalisse off for Ireland

I pray she did not catch the crud that Mark and I have been heaping on her all week. The kids are currently in Newark from which they'll take an overnight flight to Dublin and have a full day of activities awaiting them when they land. Lucky kids! Oh well, the best I can hope for is an open calendar and lots of naps between now and Monday.


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