Blizzard Baker

If you've been following the blog, you probably recall that Mark is now working out-of-town four days a week on a project outside of Boston, where he'll be until next March. He's on the road Monday morning by 4am, and leaves to come on Thursday nights sometimes as late at 6pm, arriving home near or after midnight (although most Thursdays he's home between 10:30-11pm). As you can imagine, there's a whole new level of worry and anxiety associated with him traveling so far in the winter, not to mention the fatigue that goes with traveling such long distances so often, especially in the dark of winter and after a long day's work.

And now, NOW, comes the news that there is a blizzard approaching that will affect the Northeast starting around BOSTON and getting really tricky with snow and wind through WESTERN NEW YORK. Well, that just about covers it, doesn't it? I've called him a couple of times today begging him to try to get on the road as soon as possible tomorrow to try to beat the worst of it. At this rate of worry I'll have to start coloring my hair every four weeks vs. every six weeks to hide the rapidly growing gray. 

Definitely not an ideal situation. As soon as he gets home safely we can all look forward to hunkering down for the weekend and hope the weather is clear for Annalisse's trip to Ireland next weekend. 



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