End of the Year Checklist

During the week I have off between Christmas and New Years I count on getting certain once-a-year things done. They are:

  • File the backload of photos into an album (or albums) - thanks Mom Shiao for the two albums of 500 photos - they are filled already and I've got to pick up a couple more [I missed last year's photo-filing]
  • File paperwork, projects, memorable items into the kids memory boxes or tax box in the attic
  • Order the current year's photos (January - December)
  • Buy a new calendar (50% off, of course) and fill in appointments, birthdays, trips, etc.
  • Put away the Christmas decorations, dust, and get ready for another year

I also need to find a way to download Annalisse's pictures from Germany, which are currently only on Facebook. They were on her MacBook but her hard drive crashed a couple of months ago and she lost all her pictures. I believe that 10 years from now she'll be pretty upset that she did not get prints from the trip so I'll (hopefully) find a way to get them back so I can print a select few (she took 900 pix...my goal is to whittle that down to 100 pix).

Other than that, I'm enjoying hunkering down during the various snowstorms that have passed through the area, sleeping in, and playing outside with Jasper. It's been awesome!!


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