O Christmas Tree - 2012 Edition

Last Sunday in the windy rain and cold sleet, we ventured out with our neighbors Morey and Ann, and Nic and Patrick in tow to find "the perfect Christmas tree." For a couple of years I've wanted to get a different type of tree, one that looks more old fashioned like Mémère and Pépère Moquin used to have. Their trees always seemed not super-full, and were adorned with old fashioned ornaments and strands of tinsel. I'm working with our current ornament collection and probably won't be putting tinsel strands on, but still wanted that "look" in a tree. I think I actually have a picture of them next to "said tree," but for the life of me I can't find it.

So, this is what we ended up with. It's beautiful, simple and not too overwhelming. I love the light the deocorated tree gives off - so warm and comforting!

Tree (and kid) in the wild
The World's Most Patient Dog 
Decorated. Kind of looks like last year's tree. And the one before that.
Fresh cut greens and mouse guy 
Red ball and little Cammie
Looking Up

Outside. Now all we need is SNOW.


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