The Temporarily Full Nest

As of yesterday at 1pm, all the Bakers were in the same place, albeit for less than 24 hours.

Annalisse arrived home safely from Germany on Friday night with many tales and a hunger for American food that was satisfied by a trip to her work, Otto Tomotto's (not American, by the way). Mark picked her up at the airport as I was still in Las Vegas, and he said she hit the wall and crashed on the way home. But, she was oh-so happy to be home!

I arrived from Las Vegas on the red eye on at 9am Saturday morning, and after basically three sleepless nights took a nap (as did Annalisse) so I would be awake for the B52s/Squeeze concert Saturday night.

The last little chick arrived home at 1pm on Saturday. Cam went directly from work on Friday night to dinner with his counselor pals then to a bonfire where he apparently slept on a sleeping bag under the stars. I was waiting (un?)patiently for him to get home so I could complete the Baker Laundry Odyssey and repack his bag for Sunday morning.

We went out to Cheeburger Cheeburger (Cam's choice) for dinner, being together as a family for the first time in over three weeks. The "family togetherness" is short lived...Cam is back to work this morning and I'm off to Albany on Wednesday for an overnight/meeting on Thursday.

Still, much appreciative of our time together!


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