Mainly, Maine

The Pier at Old Orchard Beach
On Sunday morning, after dropping Cam off at work (he didn't want to go anyway...) we turned the car east and headed down the thruway on our journey to Maine. It was a quick trip; the main (Ha! No pun intended!) purpose of the trip was for Mark to spend some time fishing for the continuing celebration of his 50th birthday last October. You do the math:

Mark  Fishing + 
Judy Hanging at the beach and shopping = 

We got to the Waves Resort at Old Orchard Beach around 6pm on Sunday, dropped our stuff, and took the short walk into town. Perhaps the most redeeming quality of OOB is...wait for it...the beach. The hotel was a typical beach hotel (outdated, and you get the feeling the rug gets a lot of sand action), The town itself is totally tacky (but fun) featuring tons of souvenir shops and an old-fashioned amusement park. We had a great dinner at The Landmark restaurant (good food but the service was a little backed up - plus a lobster to any dinner for $6.95!) before heading back to the hotel so Mark could get to bed for his 4am wake up time to get to his fishing location by 6am.

A surprising part about OOB was how many Canadians, specifically from Quebec, there were. Tons and tons. It felt like we were in Canada.

On Monday morning, Annalisse and I got up at 7am and headed out to walk the beach on our way to breakfast "in town." It was very low tide (although not the actual "low tide") and the ocean was "way back." It was very cool. We didn't find a lot of shells, though, which was a little surprising. After a breakfast at Beach Bagels (whose "everything" bagel ranks right up there with the best I've had - I even brought back a 1/2 dozen) we walked back to the hotel to take showers before doing a little shopping. In the afternoon we joined our friends who live in Ocean Park, a little town a couple of blocks from OOB, and hung at the beach for a couple of hours. SO BEAUTIFUL! Soon enough Mark walked down from the hotel and joined us at the beach, having had a successful day of fishing (he caught "7 or 8" and had a good time). That night we headed to Portland and had an AMAZING dinner at one of our fave restaurants there: Street & Company. OMG. So good!!!

On Tuesday we got up early again to walk the beach (...and get more bagels; bonus: Mark found a shark's tooth on the beach) before taking the short trip to Kennebunkport, a charming little town best known as being the home of George H.W. Bush. It was very upscale and so cute. We had lunch there before going back to OOB so Annalisse could get some beach time in with her friend, Evelyn. Unfortunately, a storm suddenly swept in and she was not able to go to the beach, so went back to the hotel and took a little nap (you know how the Bakers love their naps!). When we woke up the sun was back out so we decided to get a little beach time in before heading to our friends, the Smiths, for a fresh lobster dinner. Once again, though, as we were walking on the beach a storm came up quickly and sent us running to the Smith's house a little early.

When we got there we were greeted by our dinner, freshly caught Maine lobsters. Y-U-M. We all got a chance to hold one before they met their untimely demise in a boiling pot of water. Ahhh, poor little (delicious, succulent, sweet) guys! I love lobster but boy, what a lot of (stinky) work they are for very little reward!!

Then, quicker than you can say crabcake, it was time to come home. It was a great trip, although too short. While I like Maine, I still love Vermont, more. Although, to be fair, we've seen but a small portion of the state, and have never been to Acadia National Park, which is supposed to be gorgeous. But you definitely can't beat the beautiful beaches!!

Frank the Lobster before the hot pot
Poor old Frank! 
Foggy Morning
Maine on Rice
Surf Girl


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