Happy Birthday, Dad and Other Random Thoughts

Happy Birthday to my great dad, Louie, who would have been 85 today. Of course, his smile is now frozen in time at a younger age and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. His birthdays were always a big celebration that we usually combined with the July 4th family picnics. We were luck to have had him so long, but would love to have had him longer!

In other Baker news: Annalisse is home in less than a week. Tomorrow starts the "travel" portion of her trip where they will see the sights of Southern Germany, as well as a little of Austria and Switzerland. We're looking forward to her safe return! Cam is about to start "week 2" of his job but he's been at it for three weeks since he had a week of training. It's been pleasant having him home on the weekends.

On Wednesday, I head to Las Vegas to participate in NAGAP's Professional Development Institute. I'm flying out, attending the program on Thursday, and flying back on the red-eye on Friday night. Quick trip! Annalisse comes home Friday night so I won't be there to pick her up, but she can pick me up on Saturday morning at 9am. Then (FUN! FUN!) on Saturday night I head to CMAC for the B-52s/Squeeze concert with my friend Melissa.  We'll also be going there on August 24 for the Train/Mat Kearney concert. This is turning out to be a great summer for music.

Then, in a couple of weeks....sitting on the beach in Maine while Mark fishes. Ahhh....summer!


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