The Golden Boy Turns 5!

First Day Home
Happy birthday yesterday to our golden boy on his fifth birthday. I can't believe he's five already, it seems like he just came to live with us yesterday...

If you've been a long time B@ker Blog reader, you'll remember the heartbreaking story of Casey, our first golden who died by an overdose of chocolate in April 2007. Her sudden death really devastated us, probably more than we ever thought it could. At the time we said "no more dogs," but it soon became apparent that not having a dog left a huge void in our lives. After our search for another golden, which we admittedly were reluctant about because of our experience with Casey's destructive nature, we decided on Jasper and our experience could not have been more different. Submissive, cuddly, loving and non-destructive right from the start, he was, and continues to be the, the PERFECT DOG. We were so fortunate to be able to carry on after the loss of Casey with such a sweet boy.

How did he spend his birthday? Mostly the way he spends all his days: laying around. We were out for a portion of the day, and when we came home we all took a nap then after dinner gave him his treat of Frosty Paws ice cream. He must have known it was his birthday because he was uncharacteristically mischievous, eating a small bowl of trail mix that was on the coffee table (luckily, no chocolate in there). He spent most of his evening begging for treats. I'm sure he figured he was entitled, it being his birthday and all.

So, happy birthday to our furriest child, Jasper Rocky Baker!

Jasper through the years:

This one ended up in the paper
Sissy loves to dress me up 
Loving the snow
Duke and Jasper - BFFs
Love Love Love
Dude on his 5th Birthday


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