No News is No News

It's been almost a week since my last post. I guess it's pretty indicative of the not very exciting life we're leading right now. Pretty mundane stuff punctuated by the occasional good TV show or nap.

HOWEVER, we are looking forward to our little trip to Virgina next week. As often happens, I'm looking forward to a lot of time in the car to catch up on my reading (thank goodness I can read in the car...many can't), and to put some pages between me and my May bookclub selection. We're also looking forward to seeing our Virginia relations and spending some time with Sue and Ken.

It will also be our first trip to really look at colleges for Annalisse (Roanoke College and Susquehanna University are the first stops), and I've been feeling a little upset about that, realizing that she'll be out of the nest in a year-and-a-half and it will be just me, Mark and Jasper. It's a good reminder for me to slow down and live for today...which is a little hard to do seeing I'm wishing this work week away so we can get to our vacation!

Life if full of contradictions.


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