We Survived: Prom 2012

Another milestone has come and gone: the Junior Prom. After six weeks of preparation, Annalisse celebrated her big night with the perfect date: her longtime friend, Peter. (It was so nice to have her forgo her imaginary boyfriend, Russell, for the night.)  After my nail biting return trip from Austin (Would I make it or would I miss my daughter's big night??), I headed over to where she was getting her makeover (thanks to my niece, Nicole, who took over when I couldn't be there!) and hung out until she was done.

After a quick change into her dress it was time to greet Peter and his parents, Sherry and Tom, who came over for some pictures before the kids joined the "big group" (27 kids!) for pictures and the limo ride to the prom. She looked so beautiful and grown up, and Peter was very handsome also. A really special night for all of us!

After the prom the kids were invited to a friend's house for a party before going over to her friend Mo's for a sleepover. She texted me at 1:24am to let me know they had arrived at Mo's. One thing I know about Annalisse: she needs her sleep. I knew she would be a bear today, and she is. I hope to hear at some point how the night was beyond, "Good (scowl)."

Now that the prom is done and the wonderful memories have been made, I told Mark it's probably good that we only have one daughter. Between the cost of the dress, the limo, the hair, makeup, mani/pedi a parent could go broke!! But who can put a price on such as special night?!


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