All in all, a good week for the Bakers

Reaching for the finish line
This has been a pretty good week all around for the Bakers. It started with Annalisse finally securing a prom date (she broke down and asked a guy friend that she's known for years, and he said "yes"; I'm still a little bewildered that no one asked her, and by the fact that her friends didn't help her out in this regard, but I needed to let her work that through herself), and continued on with a good third quarter report card for her and word that Cam "aced" a calculus exam on Friday (his hardest subject). Then, today, Cam's boat came in first in his race (the prize: the losing a crew t-shirt from the losing team which, according to Cam, is cooler than a medal). So, lots of positives this week. It helps balance out the tough weeks.


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