Things to be Thankful For - 2011

I would be remiss if I didn't pause to recognize the things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. There are so many blessings. Of course, I'm thankful everyday (although, to be honest, I'm thankful some days more than others), but Thanksgiving is especially great because it's a no-pressure holiday with amazing food (special thanks to Grandma Pat, who is making our awesome meal today), and is a great time to be thankful for:

  • Family and friends, near and far
  • Reconnecting with old friends this year
  • Our jobs - in these dire economic times Mark and I have managed to thrive in our jobs. I'm hoping I can say the same thing next Thanksgiving since Mark's company merger happens on December 1 and there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding that transition.
  • Good health
  • Two healthy, happy (most of the time) kids who make us very proud
  • Our sweet pup, Jasper, who brings a lot of golden happiness to our lives
  • Our home - a refuge from the crazy day-to-day stuff (especially nice now that it's fireplace season)
  • Our neighborhood and wonderful neighbors
  • Technology - it's killed my attention span but enriched my life. In particular I'm thankful for my iPhone, iPad and Macbook!
  • My niece, Nicole, who moved to Fairport in March. It's been so wonderful having her and her boyfriend, Patrick, in our everyday lives!
  • Travel - and the opportunities to travel and experience new things through my national association
  • Green Mountain Coffee and Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters - helping me get every day off on the right foot!
  • Sleeping in every once in a while
  • Being married to someone who also likes to eat out
  • Humor - if we didn't laugh, we would surely cry!
Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving for your and your family. I'm looking forward to the turkey coma later today!!


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