City Driving Anxiety

Here I sit in a Marriott in Tarrytown, NY waiting to spend tomorrow as an exhibitor at the New York State Art Teacher's Conference. I drove here this afternoon after spending most of the day at the New York Graduate Admissions Professionals meeting at Syracuse University. I can already feel my blood pressure rising as I consider the commute north after tomorrow's long day.

The exit for Tarrytown/my hotel was literally right off the exit from the Tappan Zee Bridge, about 10-15 miles away from NYC. I can tell you I could never live in a place like this, not with all this crazy traffic. As I was coming into the area and the traffic was picking up, it was bad but NOT AS BAD as it was in the outbound traffic lane, which I will be in tomorrow at 4pm. Not ideal. I looked at alternate routes out of the city from here and there are some, but everyone goes the same way for around 13 miles at the start of the route out.

After heading out romorrow afternoon I'll be driving to Binghamton, which is approximately three hours from here. I'm tyring to get as close to Rochester without actually driving all the way home (too tired, too dark) so I can get up early on Saturday and arrive in Fairport by 10am (in order to get to the Minerva-Deland Craft Fair!). The report is it's snowing in Fairport right now so maybe it's good that I'm not there or I'd probably be cursing a blue streak.

It definitely looks like another 600 mile three day trip. Give me the calm, quaint, welcoming Fairport over the big city anytime!


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