School Picture Bonanza!

Boy, did we get a bargain with Annalisse's school pictures this year.


I always get the least expensive (cheapest!) photo package for school pictures because it's basically a crapshoot. When they're good, they're usually great, but when they're "bad" they can be very, very bad indeed. So, if by chance they turn out pretty well I can always order more.

This year, we ordered Annalisse's 11th grade pictures on picture day in early September and they didn't come, and they didn't come. Then, a couple of weeks ago Annalisse was notified that her picture was lost so she needed to retake them. We received the new pictures today (which turned out great!), and were surprised that somehow we ended up with the jumbo pack: 8 X 10s, 5 X 7s, 3 X 5s, 2 X 3s, wallets, magnets, two key chains and a CD.


That's a whole lotta Annalisse. What am I going to do with all these pictures? We don't even have this many relatives. Maybe decorate the Christmas tree? Placemats? Coasters? Use them as her senior there's an idea!


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