Fly, Little Bird, Fly

Our first little bird has flown the nest for his new life at RIT. Wednesday was a great and busy day of moving Cam into his little little room and, ironically, not getting a chance to say formally "goodbye."

Since Cam's scheduled move in time wasn't until 3pm, we arrived on campus around 11:30 and had lunch at RIT's Global Village, which features a beautiful courtyard, some great ethnic food, and a couple of cute international stores. After lunch we made our way up the "quarter mile" (which is actually 1/3 mile), a brick walkway that cuts through the center of campus, which took a little while to get down since we kept running into people we knew. We spent some time checking-in and visiting the services tables at the field house, then got back into the car and drove over to his dorm's unloading zone.

Finally, the big moment was here! We unloaded the car and made a couple of trips up to his room. Within a 45 minutes we had unpacked his stuff and made his bed - that tells you how much stuff he didn't bring. The room looked so bare!! His roommate Michael had been there, as evidenced by his duffel bags all around, but was not around while we were getting Cam set up.

After unpacking, Mark, Annalisse and I decided to head back over to to the fieldhouse to see if we could catch the crew coach* as I had a couple of questions. We intended to go back to Cam's room when we were done, but then he texted me to say he was heading to where we were to meet his friend from Mike from Fairport. SO, as it turns out we never got a chance to formally say "goodbye." It's probably just as well that we could avoid that scene all together...

I've talked to Cam once over the last couple of days, and we've texted a bit. In general, though, I'm trying to leave him alone so he can focus on the fun at hand and settling into his new life. It is a little weird, and definitely a different feeling than when he was in camp, where I knew he was safe and staying out of trouble. It does help to know he's only a 1/2 hour away, and I remain very excited for him!

*As it turns out, Cam decided to join the Division III crew team at RIT, a decision we're really happy about that. I'm not sure what the process is, and if he's automatically on the team by just exhibiting interest. We'll know more after he goes to the informational meeting in mid-September.


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