You know things are really busy when...

...there's a lot to blog about but no time.

Here are just couple of quick updates from "the road" - I'm on my North Country grad fair tour and enjoying a light day as I head to Utica later today for tomorrow's fair. Since last Thursday I've driven over 1,000 miles with more to go until I reach home on Thursday. Let's just say I don't think I could drive for a living.

Girls Weekend, 2011: Last Thursday around noon I headed down to Gettysburg for my girls weekend with Sue, Lorie, Gina and Heather. Sue and I decided to meet on Thursday night since it's such a long trip, and the other girls decided to do that, too. It made for a great Friday since, after a good night's sleep, we could start seeing all the historic sites right away.

I arrived at the historic Cashtown Inn around 6pm, checked in, and went into the quaint tavern for a glass of wine before Sue arrived. I must say, I felt myself melt away into relaxation with the low lights, beautiful setting and great acoustic music piping in. Ahhhhh....wonderful! The Cashtown Inn is about eight miles out of Gettysburg, and is rife with history, having served as a makeshift confederate hospital during the three days of the Battle at Gettysburg (July 1, 2 & 3, 1863). And the best part...IT'S HAUNTED! It was featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters (which Annalisse and I LOVE). That being said, I didn't experience anything paranormal, although Sue said she heard what sounded like furniture being dragged on the third floor (there was no one staying upstairs). Since there was "no room at the Inn," the other girls stayed in town and we met up Friday morning.

On Friday, we got the lay of the land and decided what we wanted to do for the next couple of days. We checked into the Gettysburg Inn right at Lincoln Square, in the heart of Gettysburg, and that was really lovely. After a bit of wandering, we drove around to the battlefields, and then headed back into on town for dinner. The day was certainly punctuated with a lot of laughs!!

On Saturday, we Gina decided to get her hair cut, and "we" decided Heather needed new (hair) color, so a bit of the day was taken up with those shenanigans. In between appointments, Sue, Heather and I headed to a wax museum, and saw a bunch of shriveled up, dusty and decaying wax figures depicting various scenes leading up to, and after, the Civil War. Hokey, but fun nonetheless. Then, we booked a ghost walk. After the ghost walk (which was mostly compelling storytelling), we got into the car and drove back up to the battlefields (it was 9pm by then). Spooky, creepy, FUN!

Until next year, enjoy some pix from this year's adventure:

The Blue and the Gray duke it out.

The battlefields at night...orbs??

The Girls

What the heck?

The Cashtown Inn

Sue and Heather receive words of wisdom from Lincoln and some green guy who looks like Andy Williams

Roger, our Ghost Tour guide


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