Countdown to College

Today we took a trip over to RIT to check some things off the "to do" list before Cam heads over for move in next Wednesday. We thought, to beat the crowds, we would:
  1. Get his ID - CHECK.
  2. Get his books - CHECK.
  3. Verify the balance on his bill for the payment plan option - CHECK.
  4. Take a peek into his room - CHECK!
His room is really basic. Just room enough for two occupants with a bunk bed, dresser, desk and office file desk on each side. There isn't even a closet, just a closet bar to hang clothes and some cubby holes. Cam and his roommate Michael (from California; same major) will be living in very close quarters! I was wondering where his gigantic TV would go, so we'll have to see if we can make it work on top of his dresser. Michael is bringing the other "big ticket" item: the fridge. The room is carpeted and the bathroom is right next door.

Cam wasn't that interested in buying cool or cute stuff for his room, but it should be pretty nice and comfy with his new bedding and accessories. I think I actually saw a smile!


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