Staycation 2011

Today at noon begins my one week "staycation"/ vacation for this year. Sure, I've taken a lot of trips this year, and it seems like I'm always on the go, but for the last time for what will probably be a while we're all home for an entire week with not a lot planned. About the only concrete things going on as of "now" are that I'm heading up north on Sunday to see my sister and mother, both of which are hospitalized right now (Mom for pneumonia, Carol for hernia surgery [she should be getting out later today]). When I return from Massena, we're going to RIT on Tuesday to spend a couple of hours and get some of Cam's tasks out of the way (ID, books, checking out his room is we're lucky). Other than that, the week is ours...

Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. The challenge will be to keep the kids busy. Both have been pretty much couch-bound since Cam finished his camp job and Annalisse returned from all her summer travels. No, they're not sick. Just lazy (BAD MOTHER!). I am really looking forward to Cam heading off to RIT and Annalisse heading back to school so they can do something other than watch TV and surf the Internet all day. A couple of days of that is okay, but weeks and weeks...?

So, we're looking for long walks with Jasper, nice meals at home that take more than 1/2 hour to prepare (as is mostly the case after a busy day of work), sleeping in, and picking up last minute stuff for College and the new school year. Let's hear it for STAYCATIONS!


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