Renovation 2009 - Complete!

The living room/dining room renovation project that started in March 2009 is finally complete with the recent purchase of new furniture and a window treatment for the BIG front window. Last year at this time, when we had taken down wall paper in both rooms and were anticipating the big paint job to take place over April break while we were in NYC, I knew that the purchase of new furniture and something to cover the front window would not take place probably until after the new year. Alas, there are some lingering expenses from last year's project such as the new shower fixtures and shutters in the bathroom and Cam's room but those will come after the shade and the furniture are paid off!

I'm pretty happy with the finished look, with the exception of the window treatment "right now." It was installed in two pieces because the window is so wide, but has a slight gap in the middle so the light shows through. That bothers me a lot, and I'm sure it was the goal of the designer to have the two pieces flow together so they look like one piece. As a result, they're sending someone out to look at solutions for remedying it next Saturday. All in all, the room has a more formal look, but since it's our main living space it was very important to me to be sure people (kids, visitors - all of us!) feel comfortable there and don't feel like they can't put their feet up and relax.

As mentioned before, this year's projects are a little less ambitious than last year's. The goal for this year, probably starting this summer, is to paint Annalisse's room (something that goes with the zebra theme she wants), patch the drywall and paint the side entrance hallway, take down the wallpaper, paint, and install moulding in Mark's "cave" (the back TV room), and install those long awaited shutters in Cam's room, the bathroom, and Annalisse's newly painted room. Once these things are complete, never fear, the renovations go on; but, there is satisfaction that comes in crossing things off THE LIST, even if it makes the list shorter for just a little while!


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