Last Gasp of Summer

Remember back on May 25 (in one of my first blog posts) when I said that the summer stretched out in front of me with no end in sight? Well, the end is in sight. I cannot believe it's already Labor Day weekend. Here's a sampling of my goals for this summer and how they all worked out...
  1. Hire a teenager for activities direction (mostly to get Cameron out of the house during the summer days) - NOT ACCOMPLISHED. I never did locate anyone, and before I knew it there was only three weeks when the kids would be mostly by themselves with some miscellaneous activities thrown in. Oh well, boredom makes going back to school more appealing (says me...).
  2. Get a puppy - ACCOMPLISHED, AND HOW! We now have the most loving, cuddly dog in the world. Maybe that's why we all didn't mind hanging around all summer...
  3. Paint the side yard fence - NOT ACCOMPLISHED (yet). I took a nap instead.
  4. Go to the Renaissance Festival - NOT ACCOMPLISHED. For two years in a row we have not managed to get there. The weekends seem to fill up with other activities.
  5. Go to Seabreeze - ACCOMPLISHED. See post of August 14. The kids had a great time and it was a beautiful day. Annalisse surprised me with her daring - going on "scary" rides and the Tilt-a-Hurl. I, as usual, waited by the end of the ride for them to get off...
  6. Read the 7th Harry Potter book - ACCOMPLISHED (and enjoyable). And I also read many more books. Right now, I'm on a Kennedy family biography kick. What a wacked-out family...
  7. Ride bike, a lot - ACCOMPLISHED, SORT OF. I didn't ride my bike "a lot," but we got out a fair amount.

Some other pleasantries of the summer: we supported the Fairport economy through ice cream/smoothie/gelato/flavored coffee/latte/dessert purchases; I supported my mental health by hanging with the dog and taking naps. All in all, a lazy, hazy, not-so-crazy summer. Luckily, there will probably be a month-and-a-half of pretty good weather left before the real cold front moves in.

Coming up: we'll spend September adjusting to the new school year, then, it's "Bring on October!" ~ and "our" birthdays (Mark, Judy & Annalisse's anyway!).


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