Vacation at Home

This week I'm off for a whole unusual occurrence since this year's vacation has been mostly onsie-twosie days and long weekends.

We aren't doing much in the way of vacation activities. A new roof and unanticipated pet expenses this spring/summer (losing two pets and getting a new one) has put a squeeze on our vacations funds this year, but the great thing about living in Fairport is that you can take a vacation without leaving home. Bike rides on the canal, walks, and trips to the library and Candy Nation (an old-fashioned candy store in the Village) are a relaxing way to enjoy my time at home. Then, tomorrow we're going to Seabreeze Amusement Park on Lake Ontario, and on Friday we're taking a day trip to Skaneatles.

So many take hanging out at home for granted (and might even think it's boring), but those of us who work full-time see this time as a gift - a break from the routine and the grind of our jobs (I'm fortunate to like my job, but still...). It's chance to wake up late, linger over the morning paper, putter in the garden and, if I'm lucky enough, take an afternoon nap.

A vacation at home is the way summer should be!


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