Bedroom Bat, Part Deux

"It's back!!!", screamed Annalisse at 4am this morning. Sure enough, another bat (the same one?) was in her room. We weren't quite as freaked out this an old pro Mark trekked down to the basement to get his fishing net, we isolated the bat, and out the door he went.

On today's to-do-list (just a reminder - I am on vacation):

  1. CALL THE ROOFER TO FINISH THE JOB. After the last bat Mark incident, went into the attic to examine how it might have gotten in, and found that he could see daylight through the roof line. It seems the roofers never took the final step to caulk/seal the roof. When we called they said they would be here "some time this week." Well, they're going to get a "reminder" call today.
  2. PLUG THE HOLE IN ANNALISSE'S CLOSET. There is a small hole in the roof of Annalisse's closet that the bats are obviously slipping through. A trip to Home Depot is in order.

Hopefully, that should do it. Let's just hope there aren't more hiding in the attic...


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