Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Annalisse's Bedroom "Bird"

Last night around 12:30am, from some far away place, I heard a voice saying, "Mom, there's a bird flying around my bedroom." Through my cobwebby dreams I thought, if she thinks she sees a bird, it's probably a bat. A minute later: "Dad! Can you get this bird out of my room?" Finally, Mark gets up.

A loud, weird sound: Mark dodging the large bat flying around Annalisse's room. Annalisse screaming! (The two drama queens in the family reacting as expected.) I guess I better get up...

Swoosh! Down the stairs it goes. Swish! Into the kitchen then back upstairs. Mark gets his fishing net (finally being used for something), captures the bat and heads for the door. The bat is free and all is well. Back to bed. (Well, not really...we're really keyed up by this time and no one except Cameron who can sleep through anything and did not bother getting up) goes back to sleep easily.

It's amazing that for living in old houses 12 out of 18 years we've never had a bat in the house. I wonder how the heck it got in?

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Anonymous said...

So..... circa 1968-69 somewhere around there I can remember another bat incident. It happened on a fall evening.A bat was spotted in the bedroom closet of Louis and Aline Greco.Louis being The loving father that he was,wasn't the bravest when taking on creatures of the night.His wife chased down the creature with a broom and "swept" it to its untimely demise. I was pretty sure she enjoyed it.There was harmony?! once again. We Almost forgot to get Louis out of the bathroom in his boxer shorts.