Some weeks are just like that...

Remember last week's report from the porch? Great news from the kid front, wonderful late summer weather?

This week we are living in Opposite Land. It was just a dreadful week. Rainy and cold. Both kids sick and also the running around associated with both kids having broken phones (which doesn't seem like a super big deal except without their phones it's very difficult to communicate with them). Add to that a choppy week of travel for me, and me just being in a general cranky mood - a mood that has carried into the weekend, which is not a good sign for starting the week off fresh with a nice, clean, blank slate.

One of the low points of the week was the truly nightmarish trip I had back from Ithaca after a grad fair on Tuesday night. The day was pouring rain and dark to begin with, but I didn't get back on the road from the fair until after 8pm, and a (mostly backroads) trip that usually takes 1 hour 45 minutes stretched out to 2 1/2+ hours of torrential rain, fog, and pitch black darkness. I went about 40 mph all the way home and did not care if anyone was behind me. I seriously could not see anything (oh, and I forgot to mention I can't really see in the dark. Plus the blowing defoggers were drying my contacts out). A perfect storm of tension and frustration. It just really set the tone for the week.

BUT, that's all behind me as we get ready to celebrate a birthday week starting today with Nic who turns 31, Annalisse, who tomorrow turns 20 (!!!), and me who turns ?? on Thursday. This week will find me traveling to Troy on Tuesday for an overnight attending, a couple of transfer fairs and having a nice dinner with my good friend Cammie, who lives in Saratoga. Then, on Friday the plan is to pick up Annalisse in Syracuse to come home for the weekend for a trip to the Outlet Mall on Saturday for a bunch of us, including Mary and Carol who are coming to town for further birthday celebrations.

Because I try to stay positive, this past week has been a challenge and struggle for me in many ways, some of which have to do with situations at work. Please send good vibes that I can start the week in a more positive frame of mind, and banish negativity to the outer reaches!


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