Birthday Palooza!

Saturday, Mark's birthday, marked the conclusion of the Libra Birthday Mega Palooza Celebration(s)! Looks like we're done for another year, and in a couple of days the many, many birthday cards will be taken off the buffet.

Since my last post: Starting with Annalisse's birthday - I think she had a good day (for a Monday!). We sent her a little bouquet of flowers, which she loved (she just loves getting flowers and having fresh flowers around). In the evening, her friends took her out to dinner, so she had a very pleasant and fun day.

My birthday, Thursday the 8th, was as fun as any workday birthday could be, I suppose. I worked...BUT, I got a really sweet fall bouquet from Mark. In the evening, we picked up Cam after his class and went out to dinner at Orbs, a cute little restaurant downtown which specializes in meatballs (and other stuff). It was a fun little place. So, in general, nothing too crazy for my big day, but it was very pleasant!

For Mark's birthday on Saturday the 17th, we went out for a nice lunch (courtesy of our awesome neighbors, Morey & Ann), then out to dinner with friends Scott and Kay. Mark had a very nice day. Next year will be extra special since he will be "double nickels"! Old man!

Another fun thing that happened last week: Annalisse was selected to participate in the SU 3-week program in Florence to study the Mediterranean diet. There were only 16 slots so she was super excited that "got in." She's extra happy that some of her good friends got selected too, so it should be a fun time. They will leave the 3rd week in May and finish the program on June 7. We are seriously thinking of joining her at the end of the program for a week of fun in Italy. An alternate plan we are exploring is flying to Ireland at the end of her program, and have her meet us there for a week. Flights to Ireland are a little cheaper, and she could see her friends from the Irish exchange in high school. Also, Eve's parents could help us with accommodation ideas. On the other hand, we have a friend who spends a lot of time in Florence for work (and has an apartment there) that we can ask for advice from if we go there.

All of this, of course, will depend on expense, and whether or not we can get reasonable flights and accommodations. Of course, Cam wants to come, too. (Who wouldn't?) In the next couple of weeks we will most likely stop by AAA to explore options. I really, really would like to do something - either Italy or Ireland. Why do the kids get to have all the fun?  ;)

This week I travel to Scranton, PA for a fair (and Dunder-Miflin?), so that should be interesting since I've never been to Scranton. The weekend will find us going to a friend's Halloween party, and probably a trip to Syracuse on Sunday for a grocery run.

Have a great week! Make it count!


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