If I had a $1,000,000

You know how people say, "If I had a $1,000,000, I would..." (adjusted for inflation and 2015 prices, $1m actually doesn't seem like really, really a lot of money, but I digress)? I'm sure you've speculated about what you would do/how you would live if you were wealthy.

This weekend I added a new "something" to my list of things I would do if I were wealthy. In addition to fresh flowers around me at all times, a personal chef (who cooks super healthy meals), a trainer and the obvious things like homes in several desirable locations and opening my coffee shop, JuJu Bean's (which someone else would manage and I would just enjoy), I would have weekly foot massages. 

OMG. My awesome sister-in-law Lena gave me a one-hour foot massage for my birthday, and she and I had a nice little girls morning on Saturday at Happy Feet. It felt like Heaven!!! Soooooo wonderful and relaxing - I didn't want it to ever end. I will be going back...they have a package deal where you can get five sessions for the price of four...definitely considering that.

What a wonderful gift from someone who knows me very well and knows how much I love to have my feet rubbed, ticked, scratched...THANK YOU, dear Lena, for a most perfect gift!!!


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