Welcome to March!

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I've updated the blog. Again, no real reason...just trying to endure this winter. The unrelenting weather has kept us close to home, and not really interested in venturing out much. I was supposed to head up north to help with cleaning out Mom's house, but we all decided I should wait to come up when the weather is more predictable. While it might not be too bad here in Rochester, conditions on Rt. 81 and the Thruway have been downright treacherous, so it's really not worth the risk. So here is stay put.

Cam's birthday gift - his speeding
ticket PAID IN FULL.
What's happened since the last update? Cam turned 22, and we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate. Annalisse came home last weekend, needing a little break from the college routine since she had not been home since January 12. It's been a very intense semester, and her Chemistry course is really giving her a run for her money. She failed her first big test, and has another one this Wednesday. Much of the work in the class is math-based, and with her learning disability in math it's a very scary scenario, seeing she needs a good grade in Chem for her major (and future internship "match"). She has a great tutor, so we are hoping for the best!!

Other than that, it's come home from work, eat dinner, binge watch stuff on Netflix, and brave the cold to take pup down the street and back for a walk.

Let's hope March is sufficiently "lamby," and not "liony." Seriously, a month from now I'm hoping we're in the clear when April is upon us. I so miss our long walks in the Village and being outside in general!!


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