I work today, but tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I'm taking a mini break to hang and do some running around with Annalisse during her winter break. Already, the days are filling up with a hair cut for the dog, a little shopping, pedis, a hair color for me, and getting ready for Nicole's shower at my house this Saturday. Most of Friday will be dedicated to, cleaning, organizing. Hey, wait, my mini-break just went from being fun and relaxing to being harried and busy. I wonder if I'll get a nap in?

Annalisse's week has started our shaky as she had a very bad bout of IBS that started yesterday morning and continued through the night. She had the same exact thing last month and missed classes as a result. I'm worried it may be a monthly thing so I'm holding my breath that she can get through April, and the final weeks of classes, with no issues.

The weather finally appears to be breaking. Everyone is worried about how their roofs and gutters are holding up, and apparently there are icicles in our attic. Hmmm....Mark tends toward the dramatic so I'm not going to totally worry about that right now.

I was thinking back to probably five years ago when we had a massive warm up in March; so warm, in fact that it drove us to Pier I to buy new porch furniture. I think that was the same year Mark's Baker cousin, Paula, got married the first week in April and we had a little between wedding-and-reception lunch here and the porch was already set up for the season. I will be very surprised if it is that nice the first week in April this year. *Sigh*

Anyway, Cam will get a nice warm break as the crew team heads down to Coco Beach, Florida for spring training in a couple of weeks. LUCKY! He's excited for that. By the way, this is what I think of when I hear Coco Beach...don't you?!


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