Ladies of Leisure

Ahhhh, to have a few days off that involved nothing more than napping on the window seat, going out to dinner, and getting a pedicure. This must be how the other half (the independently wealthy other half, that is) lives. 

It was a nice three days off with Annalisse, and we actually got a lot accomplished. She did a bit of homework and lined up some additional volunteering this summer, and I did a bit of running around and putting the finishing touches on Nic's shower, which came out beautifully and was very nice. Small and intimate. Great food and lots of laughs. And a surprise visit (for Nic) from my sister, Carol, for the day. A shout out to Aunt Sher who created the beautiful shower arrangements ~ they added so much to the ambience I was trying to create for the day!!

While the weather all week has been really nice and went a long way toward melting the mammoth snow piles on the streets and roofs, yesterday the weather for the shower was rainy, dark and spitting sleet. Oh well. Spring is coming no matter what. Really it is. I will keep telling myself that.

This week I also indulged in a bit of Netflix British series binge watching. What is it about the British? Are they all just great actors or are some actually pretty bad actors but we don't notice it because of their entrancing British accents? So lately I went from watching "Grantchester" on PBS to "Happy Valley" (which featured the start from "Grantchester" in a VERY different role, and a very engaging leading character) which led me to the "Last Tango in Halifax" on Netflix (both BBC shows). Never mind actually getting to "House of Cards" season 3. I clearly need more couch (or porch) time.

We took Cam out to dinner last night (sort of a mistake trying to find somewhere to eat on a Saturday night, a wee bit frustrating), and are heading back to Syracuse with Annalisse later this morning. Cam leaves for Coco Beach for spring training next Sunday, and will be back the following Friday early morning (they leave Florida early on Thursday and will drive straight through). 

So back to work I go tomorrow. It was a nice break, but it went so fast!! 

Here are some pix from the shower to enjoy:


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