Hibernation mode...shutdown in progress...

Sweatpants after work, bed at 9. It's happening.

Last week: 80 degrees and sunny. This week 50 degrees, windy and cloudy. Noooo!!!

As with the last couple of years, last week I traversed 700 miles in three days covering the North Country grad fairs. That gets old quick. Anyway, it was great to see my colleagues again, and I had fun catching up over a glass of wine (or two).

The kids' semesters are in full swing. The fun novelty of SU has worn off and Annalisse is trying to juggle all her commitments between school work, the expectation of volunteering for her major, and crew. This past weekend she tried out for the SU improv team, and, although she advanced to the second audition (10 out of 40 kids advanced), she did not make the final cut. I'm sure she's very disappointed about that...that was the ONE thing she truly wanted to do in college. Oh well, I'm sure there's a silver lining in this lesson for her. I am a little relieved she did not make it (although I would have loved it if she did) since I am concerned she is already getting a little worn out ~ and it's only week three!!!

We didn't hear much from Cam last week, but I think he's also a little worn out getting up at 4:45am for crew practice every morning, then facing a full day of classes. I made him sauce-n-balls and pumpkin bars for dinner yesterday, so he and his roommates enjoyed that.

So, I (and my plants) are already missing the warm, sunny days. God help me get through another winter!!


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