No more signs?

Do you remember this post, where I talked about how, after my father passed away, I began to associate the "blowing out" of street lights with him because, frequently right after his death, when I was walking the dog or driving down the street a street light would go out at the precise moment I passed it? In fact, the day "Nana" passed away Annalisse texted me to say a light on campus had blown out just as she was walking by it, and she said hello to Grandpa and Nana (and felt a bit of comfort in that).

Well, just an update to say this hasn't happened to me in a while. I especially wondered if I would notice it more after my mother passed away, but it's been almost a month and NOTHING. Strange, huh? I'm thinking she's keeping him so busy "up there" that he doesn't have any more time to send me signs. Either way, I'm glad they're together again, but miss those comforting signs just a little.


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