Fairport State of Mind

This weekend was the epitome of everything that is awesome about Fairport. There are many days when I'm amazed that we are able to live in such a wonderful town. Here's why.

Friday the weather forecast called for hot and humid weather, WHICH I LOVE (right, Aunt Sher?), so I told Mark to hurry home so we could walk to Donnelly's for dinner before it got too crazy there. Well, he did, but it was CRAZY, so we decided to go to the Blue Cactus, where, despite their being chronically understaffed, I had a delicious mojito. Y-U-M. After dinner we headed back home, took Pup for a quick walked, called Nic and Patrick and invited them to meet us at Fairport Brewing Company for some outdoor-live-music-patio-fun. FBC has an amazing thing going this summer, with live music every weekend, food trucks, fire pits on the patio, and generally just a fun '80s beer blast vibe.
Friday night at FBC
It was the place to be on a wonderful, late summer night where we saw tons of people we knew, and the age demographic skewed toward folks our age. FUN FUN FUN. It was one of those nights you wanted to go on and on, it was so beautiful out and the company was great.

On Saturday morning there was sporadic rain leading up to the 3 o'clock set up time for our street picnic. Luckily, though, the weather cleared and we had a very pleasant evening that was not too warm and not too cold - just right! Again, another fun time spent with our awesome neighbors and some great food. There was a face painter, balloon toss, and bike parade for the kids (with prizes!). The kids are always really thrilled to have free reign of the street since we block it off from 4-9pm. After clean up, we all headed over to the Ebenhoch's for some fellowship around the fire pit. Just magical. 

I often marvel at how blessed we are to live in such a great community. I'm so glad our kids were able to spend their formative years here - I know they will look back and recall their almost charmed/old fashioned childhood living in the Village of Fairport. This weekend offered absolutely the best of what our street, and Village, has to offer!


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