Get out and mulch!

Mark has been a mulch madman for two weeks (over two weeks?) ever since getting several yards, then several more, of mulch delivered at the end of April. That man loves to do yardwork; summer, fall, spring - and, when it comes to shoveling - winter. We're almost done with this year's first round of mulching, weed pulling and flower planting. Our yard (and porch) is a wonderful, restful oasis. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could enjoy it more than six months out of the year since, when, in the case of this year, winter lasted six months (BOOOOO!!).

You've heard of horticulture therapy? You can see it in action right here at Bakerhaus. Relaxing, rewarding, a pleasing sight for the eyes!!

Comforting and contemplative:


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