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It certainly seems lately that the only time I blog is on Sundays. Maybe it's because the weeks, in general, are so mundane and boring. And maybe it's because the weekends, lately, have been filled with activity, mostly fun. This weekend was no exception, times 10!!!

Sue, Ken and cousin San arrived from Roanoke on Thursday to attend niece Lauren's graduation (and related activities) from RIT this weekend. Rolling in around 7:30pm, they were greeted by a big pot of spicy sauce-n-balls/spaghetti dinner (a really good batch), but first there were snacks and wine on the porch. It was a really beautiful, early summer night. We got caught up on all the news, and rose early on Friday (a cold, rainy day) in order for Sue, Ken and San to attend the graduate convocation at RIT.

Then around lunch time, Annalisse and I joined them for the "Order of the Engineer," a really neat, albeit extremely unorganized, ceremony where the graduates take the oath to perform their profession with integrity and to the best of their ability. At the end of the ceremony the students received a certificate and a ring made of steel "to be worn on the small finger of their working hand" to remind them of their oath. Very interesting.  On Friday night we went out to dinner at our "go to" restaurant, Donnelly's. It was packed and raucous as that place!!!

On Saturday, we got up really, really early and went to Lauren's graduation. It was a very nice, although a very long ceremony. After commencement Lauren's folks, Tim (Sue's bro) and Lisa, invited us out for a nice lunch at Label 7. Always looking forward to the next meal (!!), for dinner later on we decided to stay in and have a Low Country Boil, a big pot of corn on the cob, potatoes, kielbasa, crab legs and shrimp boiled with old bay seasoning. Y-U-M. That meal was enjoyed by all...what a treat!

The perfect day was topped off in a perfect way with a bonfire on the patio. We had a large group of around 20 people including Lisa, Tim, Lauren, and her boyfriend, Derek, Ian (Lauren's bro) and his wife, Sam, Lauren's friend Shaneka, Nic, Patrick, their friends Melissa and Justin, and Annalisse's BF Alex. It was a beautiful, warm night. Just perfect!!!

This morning we said goodbye to our dear friends, and will miss them a lot. I will see Sue for our girl's weekend in the fall, but I'm not sure our paths will cross before that. It was so wonderful spending time together, and was a very fun weekend.

The greatest news of all: we're off work again tomorrow for Memorial Day. Sleeping in, a big breakfast, and the Faiport parade are planned for our bonus day. God Bless 'Merica!!


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