Mother Love

Mom and Aunt Jeanine in 2004
Today is Mother's Day, and with every passing year folks of a certain generation (mine and beyond) can really look back and express an appreciation for the role of motherhood. Of course, children of any age know how important and impactful our mothers are (can be?~not everyone has such fond feelings), but as we begin to lose our moms hindsight becomes clearer than ever. Once again I will say: many deride social media (especially FaceBook) but today, as with all special days, it becomes a medium for those to post pictures of their moms and families, and to express appreciation, gratitude, and sometimes sadness and longing for those who are no longer with us. I love love love the older pictures my friends and family members post, and it makes me feel everso connected to them, sharing in their joy and their pain.

I took a quick trip up to Massena to visit my mom yesterday. I had not seen her since November...the harsh winter, other commitments and, admittedly, excuses about "other things I had to do on the weekends" kept me from returning to see her. There's a fair amount of guilt for not going sooner, but I know she's failing and it is not a pleasant thing to see, so I think I've been in a bit of avoidance mode.

It was very good that I did go as she really seems to be losing ground physically and mentally. She cannot breath without oxygen now and is really not communicating. Very hard to see but we, as a family, are relieved that my sister, Carol, works at the home she is in and takes very good care of her there. It was a wonderful day spent with my sisters and Nicole, who came at the last minute to surprise Mary and her mom, Carol, or, as we like to call it, GIRL TIME.

Early this morning I returned to Fairport am looking forward to preparing a Mother's Day dinner for my two other beloved mothers, Pat and Jeanne. Cam is coming over also, and the only thing missing is my sweet girl but she'll be home for the summer on Thursday and we can spend our time together after that.

So, here's to all our mothers! Beloved today and every day!


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