Weekday Introvert

It's finally Saturday and the house is buzzing once again after a quiet week. Mark is home from Denver, Annalisse is home for spring break, and there is one happy dog bounding around the house. Big kid will be home for break next week.

When Mark is gone to Denver for work and it's just me and puppy at home in the evening, it's pretty pathetic, boring stuff. Our after-work schedule goes a little something like this:

  • Come home between 5-5:30pm
  • Take Jasper down the street ("The world is his toilet.")
  • Come home, catch up on all the important (celebrity!) news and blogs I read
  • Figure out what I'm having for dinner (eggs and toast? pancakes? bagel? spaghetti and sauce?)
  • Watch a little TV before taking puppy out again around 7 (Silver lining: I can walk him in my PJs because it has gotten dark so early - until now. Looks like I'll have to actually put jeans/real pants on with the daylight getting longer.)
  • After a quick walk, head upstairs to my "cave" and watch some more TV or a show on my iPad
  • Between 9-9:30pm: head to bed to read a little before falling (quickly) asleep
Wow, seeing it laid out that way sure makes me a look a little hermit-ish. Morey likes to comment, "I saw the lights have been out pretty early all week over there." ~ so true, Morey. So true.

Tonight we "spring forward" for this year's daylight savings time. I am so looking forward to more light in the evenings and increasingly warm temperatures. I can't even tell you. Who's with me?


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