All is quiet, once again

Well, another weekend has passed, and Annalisse is back at school (booo!). I think she had a pretty good week off characterized by total boredom alternately mixed with total fun and excitement. One thing I can tell you: there was no studying going on; and with mid-terms coming up this week...oh well. What can you do? There's only so much nagging I can tolerate (coming from me, that is), and I get sick of doing that all the time.

Things really ramped up on the weekend bookends. Last weekend Annalisse went to Alex's "Track (team) Ball" at SUNY Oswego, and we also had our Beer Club get together. This month's theme was really fun: we did March Madness "brackets" where we taste tested eight beers. Ours came in second - SO CLOSE!

The week between the weekends was nothing to write home about, except the Wednesday blizzard that resulted in Rochester (and my work!) shutting down for the day. We did end up getting a ton of snow, so it was probably for the best.

On Friday Alex came home for his spring break and he and Annalisse went to the Downstage show at the high school. She really enjoyed to introducing him to all of her friends. Then, on Saturday morning, we went to Buffalo State College ("Buff State") to check that out as a transfer possibility. Annalisse has already been accepted into their Dietetics program (which is a very good one), so we went to take a look. It's definitely more urban (and of course, quite large), and very different than either Naz or Mercyhurst (or even SU), but she was okay with it. We are still waiting to hear from SU, and hopefully that will come soon (good or bad) so we can wrap this up and make a decision. This process totally feels the same as going through the freshman admission process in that we rush home to check the mail every day. 

On Saturday night we had our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner. This I know for sure: you either like cb&c, or you don't. The kids were really good sports about it and didn't complain "too much," and we got to meet Cam's new girl, Shaina, for the first time. It was also the first time Nic & Patrick had met either Alex or Shaina, and we were pretty strong on the embarrassment factor so we'll have to see what the "newbies" are made of. Can they take it?!

All in all, a wonderful weekend with the kids and family in general. How sweet it is!
Cam and Shaina
Alex and Ani at the Track Ball 
Mark and the big plate of corned beef 
Nic and Patrick and the wearing 'o the green


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