Take me back to sunny Virginny

Sue, Judy and Sanny
Fun in the (cold) Sun
Well, we're back from our trip to Virginia. Nine hours...long day of driving.

We travelled to visit Mom Shiao in Northern VA, followed by a quick trip four hours to the south to see Sue, Ken and cousin San in Roanoke. Even though it was a lot of time in the car, it was a great trip. The weather wasn't super warm*, but it was very sunny and, although not in the 50s or anything, guaranteed to be warmer than Rochester. No question!

It's always super fun to visit the DC area ~ there is always so much to do AND SO MANY GREAT PLACES TO EAT! We weren't there very long (just one full day on Thursday), but enjoyed spending time with Mom and also got to see Jackson and Amelie for bit. 

On Friday morning we were back on the road after breakfast heading to Salem/Roanoke to visit the the Englands. We got there just after 2pm, and went out for a late lunch before heading back to Sue and Ken's to chill for a while. On Saturday, we went to our favorite coffee shop, Cups, stopped by Black Dog Salvage (always worth the trip), and went downtown to visit the Orvis shop and some other boutique stores. Then we went back to Sue and Ken's to meet up with Ken who had tennis and his band practice until 1pm.

After a quick lunch we took a road trip an hour north to check out Jefferson's summer home, Poplar Forest, but, alas, we got there too late to tour as it was closing in 1/2 hour. As a result, we just browsed the gift shop for a bit and chatted with the clerk, who was kind enough to give us some info about the site. Pretty cool. I love the history of that whole area. 

After Poplar Forest, we drove to Bedford VA to see the National D-Day memorial, but that was also closed for the day. Finally, we headed to a cute little restaurant, The Millstone Tea Room, which was basically in the middle of nowhere on a country road, but had really great food. It was buttermilk fried chicken all around, except for Ken who had the salmon. YUM. Once again, the food on this leg of the journey was amazing, as always. I don't dare step on the scale.

Finally, this morning we got up bright and early (5am) with the goal of hitting the road for home by 5:30. We were close...we were on our way by 5:45 and, after a stop at our fave Rt. 15 travel place, The Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, got to Henrietta at 3pm to pick up Cam for dinner and Jasper from boarding (boy did he smell and look good after a bath and a haircut/groom).

Tomorrow, Mark goes to Denver for the week, and it will be just me and pup...eating toast and eggs for dinner, the gastro-delights of the last five days only a sweet memory!

*The South's challenging winter continues with another winter storm warning for the DC area and central PA tonight/tomorrow. They have totally got to be out of snow days by now.


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