We made it through...THE WEEK

Whew! Another stressful week is coming to an end. Annalisse made it through her three tests and thinks she did ok/good. We got her five week grades, and she's sitting at between an 80-84 in Bio (even though I think we're in week six or seven by now), so that was a great end to a stressful week.

Cam came home from RIT yesterday and it's a laundry/stuff-o-thon in the basement. I'm trying to clear out the piles of clothes, towels, sheets that need to be washed and packed back up, and at some point this summer I will run all his kitchen stuff through the dishwasher. I've got some time (even though we all know how fast the summer goes). I think it was a pretty good year for him and he's ending on a high note. Not all his grades are in yet, but it he thinks he'll end up with B's in everything except Sociology, where he's expecting an A. The "B" in Discrete Math II will replace the "D" from winter quarter, so we'll have to see how that impacts his GPA. With my rough calculation he should land aroud a 3.02ish overall with those grades, but I'm going to have him request an official transcript once all grades are in so we can see where he stands.

I have to give him a lot of credit. With a super gross, stinky, non communicative roommate and a very tough course load (20 credits in the last quarter [10 weeks] alone), he did great this year. And, he's announced he's going back to crew next year, which we're thrilled about. We really liked him being involved in a sport as it was fun to go to his regattas, and I think he made some good friends there. So, we're very, very happy about that. He claims he will not change his mind about crew, so I hope he won't!

On Monday he starts a six week Organic Chem course at Nazareth, which will take him all the way to his summer job, and now with the majority of the work for AP Bio done, Annalisse will be concentrating on finishing up final projects (not without a lot of complaining and whining, however). It's all truly winding down as we head for a fun, action packed summer!!


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