Mother's Day Potpourri

Everyday is Mother's Day, isn't that what they say?

It's about three hours into Mother's Day 2013. I was feeling pretty good about the state of motherhood until a couple of minutes ago, when, having designated this as a study day for three upcoming tests this week (one of which is a cumulative final for the much maligned AP Bio), I was faced with an apathetic daughter who has totally checked out of caring about her schoolwork this year. Will this little tiff ruin my day? It's too early to tell, although I am a little pissed at the moment.

Otherwise, all I have planned for the day is pulling weeds with my faithful companion (Jasper, of course!) following behind me as I make my way around the yard.

Last night we gave our beloved Mother (one of three!), Pat, a surprise 70th birthday party at a local restaurant. I was so happy we pulled it off without her knowing it - it was a lot of fun! Happy, happy birthday tomorrow, Pat!

Happy Mother's Day to mothers Jeanne and Aline! You are all very special to us!!


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