Sweet Jesus, help me make it through the next five weeks

Here we are again, coming down to the wire with five weeks left of another senior year...if we make it that long.

It's been a tense time of trying to keep Annalisse focused on finishing up her coursework (AND PASSING), and it's not been fun. (Who ever said parenthood is fun? Those baby showers and all that cooing over how cute they are in the beginning is definitely a fantasy.) I distinctly remember this same stress two years ago, except that with Cam it began at the beginning of his senior year (and got worse with his early acceptance to RIT), and with Annalisse it's taken a while for senioritis to really take her into its steely grip.

Keeping my "eye on the prize," I remember how all my cares dropped away as Cameron walked across that stage at graduation - "we" had made it through! (Although the anxiety started again soon enough when August rolled around).

I cannot wait until June 20 when Annalisse does the same. I hope she has a restful and fun summer because - oh wait - she actually has to "go back to school" in the fall, and it's going to be a heck of a lot harder than High School. There will be new worries all around come fall, but in the meantime, we are looking forward to the long, glorious summer! We just have to get there first.


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